The aerial dogfighting action intensifies in June for War Wings, the hit mobile World War II air combat game, as Ace Pilots League Season 3 takes flight. New features for Season 3 include the addition of tier 7 aircraft to the competitive mode and the ability to form two-pilot teams, expanding team-formation options from the previous four-player requirement.

The competition will also feature better balanced gameplay with the availability of Lower and Higher Rank matches. Lower Rank matches are open to Recruits to Major IIIs and will only allow tier 3, 4, and 5 aircraft to participate, while Higher Rank matches are for Lt. Colonels and above and will allow tier 5, 6, and 7 planes to join. Lower ranked matches will be fairer as empty slots will be filled with appropriately skill-leveled AI pilots – no Generals or Captains will be pitted against low rank players.

Get a taste of Season 3 action in this new War Wings trailer:

Season 3 Rewards

In addition to bragging rights, top Ace Pilots League Season 3 performers will receive special aircraft rewards.

FW-190 A7 – Players that achieve the
rank of Lt. Colonel during Season 3 will receive the tier 6-level FW-190 A7. The
A7 variant of the highly capable German fighter plane possesses excellent diving performance and comes fitted with conformal fuel tanks.

P-51 Mustang III – Ace Pilots League Season 3 champions will also receive
the P-51 Mustang III as a reward. The Mustang III designation was used for
P-51 B/C-model aircraft that served with British Commonwealth RAF units during World War II.