We are thrilled to announce that our sci-fi board game Take The Galaxy has been a 100% funded on Kickstarter, but we’re not done yet!

Even though extra funding would be amazing, we want to keep focus on the bare minimum needed to bring the game to market. The game is complete as it is, and we don’t want to overload you with additional stretch goals. We would like to share our first stretch goal however, since it benefits all Early Backers, All backers that pledged €25 or more before we reached €10,500, an upgrade of the standard version of the game, which allows you to play with 3-4 players without requiring a second set! After reaching this goal, the pledge levels will be changed in accordance to the upgraded product and new stretch goals will be revealed (you determine their order!).

Anyone who hasn’t pledged yet, and wants a copy of Take The Galaxy, can still do so until the campaign ends on Friday 23rd of June.