Fireballed Studio announced it’s first PC game, Solitude Of Sun, to soon start it’s crowdfunding campaign.
You are standing in the middle of a sacred, golden field, wielding only your bow and arrows – the tools given you by the Demigodess of Sun. You see a squad of Artificial Sentinels sent here by the Son of Moon. They’re heading your way, floating right above ground, rising an alarm with their obscure signals and gloomy lights. They know you’re here. They’re after you. In a blink of an eye you pull back the bowstring with a fluid, well-experienced motion. It’s good that they saw you. You would never hide from battle. They never stood a chance.

Undertake the title of Celestial Champion – a mortal, once punished for trespassing into these sacred lands, chosen to become more than human. Experience the swift and satisfying archery combat like never before in an open world adventure taking place eons ago, in the time of Gods and Primordial Forces, when Earth and Laws of Existence were still shapeless. Help reclaim the Solitude Of Sun from the cold-blooded hands of Son of Moon, in a divine intrigue far beyond the scope of a human being.