Rogue Swarm Alert!

Following the revelation that CONCORD’s Rogue Drone Monitoring Taskforce has begun to observe new behaviors among many of the groups of rogue drones, the empires of New Eden are requesting that capsuleers assist in stamping out this new breed of high-level rogue AI that has emerged.

The rewards for this universe-spanning event are plentiful, and capsuleers of all skill and ability levels may find fortune among the wreckage which can include PLEX, SKINs, skill accelerators, and more. Pilots should look for Rogue Swarm nests throughout the course of the event in all corners of the cluster, which will run until June 27th.

Color Blindness Support

As part of the continuous work to improve the user interface experience and accessibility for EVE, players can now customise the game to enable support for colour blindness. 

Additional Updates:

  • Gallente Shipyards have been busy, redesigning the hulls of the Sin, Ishtar, and Vexor
  • Important balancing changes have arrived for Fighters, Nullsec Asteroid Clusters, and Excavator Drones