The premiere free computer games company Gametop has released a selection of new high quality hidden object games for this summer season. The already impressive catalog of downloadable free games is strengthened by adding Dark Chronicles: The Soul Reaver, Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign, Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil, The Curse of Silent Marshes and Taken Souls: Blood Ritual to the hidden object games catalog.

Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil takes you to Italy during the Renaissance time. Playing as a young aristocrat Adriano you have to solve the mystery of an ancient evil, find a cure against Black Death and save innocent lives. The game boasts 40 Locations, over 8 hours of gameplay and special chamber orchestra live records.

Taken Souls: Blood Ritual combines incredible graphics, a rich story and countless gameplay features. Playing as a young detective James Voodoo you have to investigate series of mysterious ritual murders covered the foggy streets of London. The game features over 10 hours of gameplay, over 50 Locations and interactive game-scenes.

In Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign you play a role of an ambitious detective as he investigates a mysterious attack and goes on an incredible adventure to save the city from the terrifying monster. The game boasts more than 60 locations and more than 1000 items to find.

A friendly visit home turns into a terrifying experience when a laughing clown attacks in The Curse of Silent Marshes. Now you have to explore an engaging storyline of spirits and the supernatural in order to save your friends from a vengeful voodoo spirit.

Fire up your investigative skills to unearth the mysteries of Dark Chronicles – The Soul Reaver. Find out what is hiding in a peaceful French village. founder Sergei Eliseev said, “2017 is being full of challenges for our company. We have chosen a number of high quality titles that are guaranteed to be enjoyed by millions of people around the world. While we release all kinds of games, we decided to add several high quality games to our hidden object games catalog which are very popular with our valuable core audience.”