Walking through the streets of Brooklyn I can hear on my comms ISAC instructing me about movement and the game basics. To the left of me I hear gunfire and slowly approach. Martin Hazen starts talking and tells me about the mission and the reason for the gunfire. I hear the bullets flying past me and the enemies moving. I am alone and being surrounded but I can tell where all the enemies are.

I used the headset while Playing Tom Clancy’s The Division and it enhanced my experience tenfold. The surround sound helped me identify where the enemies were and the quality of sound made the story more immersive.

The headset comes in three colours; red and black, blue and white, and blue and black. We used the black and red headset. The colours worked really well together and complimented each other nicely especially with the lights on the speakers. The lights on this headset were a bright red colour that matched nicely with the red accents throughout the headset.

The wires are encased in a braided cable that is black and red which further adds to the sleek design of the headset. The braided cable also acts as a protection for the cables and can help increase the headsets durability. The speakers are hidden by a very comfortable and spacious ear cushion with a red felt cover over the speaker and a black mesh aiding the overall design.

The headset is designed to work with PC, Laptop, Mobile and Tablets. It can also be used with the PS4 but only the audio works for the Xbox One. I found that even without the mic that the headset still was worth it just for the sound quality and how it made me a better player.

The bass in the headset improves the music quality and the explosions in The Division making the game more realistic through the headset than just the TV. The microphone is very clear and your team mates can understand everything you say which helps with a tactical shooter game like The Division.

The headset has a 40mm speaker on both sides with a frequency range of 15Hz to 20Hz. The headset has one of the widest volume range I have ever tried. The volume when it is fully turned up is so loud you can hear your game clearly when it is about 2 feet away. This makes it very useful for people with all hearing needs and can be adjusted for each individual.

The Kotion Each 9000 headset that is distributed by EasySMX has amazing sound quality and the surround sound is incredible in how it changes gameplay and the quality of the player. The dialogue can be heard clearly which makes the game very immersive especially with the main storyline.