The metal rings as I run across the corridor. I enter a circle room and I am greeted by the Green Goblin. As he flies overhead throwing bombs and trying to hide I can hear every moment through my headset and find him very quickly to take him down. With one last arrow flying away from me I hear his hoverboard blow up.

I played Marvel Heroes Omega using the EasySMX SA-807 headset and it made the game so much more fun to play. I could hear all of my abilities being unleashed and hearing a chatter from the enemies on the map.

The headset is predominantly black but it has accents of green throughout to give it a distinguished look. I personally liked the Green on the speaker with a mesh of black over it to give it more of a designed look.

The microphone is flexible and can be moved around easily so the user can adjust it to their liking. It is a nice compact microphone so it doesn’t derive from your vision during gameplay and distract you.

The headset has soft leather over the ear cushion that is great for keeping the sound in and noise cancelling. It is also very comfortable for gaming for a long period of time.

The headset is designed to be compatible with PC/ laptops and mobile devices but the sound works on the PS4 and XboxOne. The quality of the sound is wirth it especially if yu play immersive single player games that have an in depth storyline.

The speaker is 40mm in diameter and has a range of 20Hz to 20KHZ which allows for users to listen with a wide range of adjustability for each persons needs. The headset comes with a splitter cable so that you can use it better with PC gaming.

It is a great gaming headset due it allowing for a more immersive game play by cancelling exterior noise and retaining game audio. The sound quality is amazing and listening to music through the headset is a real pleasure and you can hear every instrument of a song which makes it amazing to listen to.

The headset is a great value for the price and the quality. It would be a great headset for casual gamers or even professionals. And even though it looks like it would be tight on your head it is very spacious and comfortable.