I am walking through a cavern, the bioluminescent plants illuminate the room and small cracks in the roof leave raindrops to fall on the lake. I can hear the raindrops splashing all around me. They are steady and quiet. Then the footsteps of the enemy splashing in the water gets louder and louder.

I played Skyforge while using the headset. The abilities sounds and epic music were made a lot more impressive by the headset. The surround sound enabled me to find the enemies easily and enjoy the dialogue.

The headset has a black and silver theme throughout and the colours compliment each other really well. It has a think sponge headbar that can barely be felt when you are wearing the headset but it is firm and stays in place. The ear cushion are very comfy and spacious so you can easily fit your ears inside.

The wires are wrapped in a black braided cable which is covered in a plastic covering to protect the wires inside even more. The plastic cover also adds to the overall design look of the black and silver. There is a red theme running throughout the lighting on the headset. The end of the mic lights up and the EasySMX Logo lights up red on the speakers.

There is a volume adjuster on the headset which I much prefer than one being on a cable. It is less restrictive and doesn’t get in the way also you know exactly where it will be so you can change volume quickly. The microphone doesn’t have much adjustability with it only being able to rotate vertically but it works really well when you are not using the microphone because it is out of the way.

The headset works with PC/ laptop, mobile/ tablet, PS4 and XboxOne when your controller has the 3.5mm port or if you have a headset adapter for your controller. It also comes with a two-in-one adapter so when you are playing on console you connect the mic and sound wires into one. If you are using PC you can use both wires separately.

The headset has a volume range of 20Hz to 20KHZ which gives players of many hearing needs a good headset and the adjustability that they need. The speakers are 50mm which emits sound into your entire ear so you can hear sounds clearly.

The headset has an optional vibration button that works really well when you are playing driving style games or ones that optimise the vibration setting.

The headset is a great value for the price and all the features that come with it make it a very professional headset. I particularly like the bass that comes with the speakers. It made the music on Skyforge a much better listening experience and it works well on mobile so you can listen to your normal music on there.