The beat of the drums slowly started playing clearly in my ears and then the other instruments started playing. As the tension built to the climax the music stopped and then she started singing. Her voice distinct, complimented by the music and the sound quality of the headset.

The white cable and silver accents work really well together to make a visually appealing design. The etched cross going down the cable adds a really nice design pattern and makes it quite unique and stylish.

The earphones do not have a volume button on the wire but it means they’re lighter and easier to put in your pocket. The cable is also made out of a thicker plastic than other headphones so they are easy to untangle. It also comes with a wide range of changeable earbuds of many sizes so you can find ones that suit you. They are quite tricky to switch over but once they are on they wont come off unless you force them off.

On the back of the earphone there are slits revealing the speakers, I found these very useful as I don’t like people using my in the ear sound systems so if they anted to listen to the song they could without having to put it in their ear.

The earphones come with a durable and compact safety case for the earphones to go into. It is quite a small case so it will easily fir in your bag or a coat pocket and is quite strong so will keep them safe when traveling. It also stores your changeable earbuds in a netting which keeps it nice and tidy inside the case.

The sound quality is top notch. You can hear every instrument and the voice of the singer very clearly. I mainly listened to music when testing them out and I wasn’t disappointed with what I was hearing. The sound quality of the headphones made such a massive difference to the sound even songs id listened to for years sounded different but in a good way.

I much prefer listening to my music through the earphones now so I would definitely recommend it. The sound quality far exceeds the price which is very affordable and advanced for the price range. I would rate the earphones a 9.5 out of 10 due to the sound quality, stylish design and amazing price especially with all the extras it comes with.