The shining grey reflected as I unboxed the Sades SA-928 headset by EasySMX. The grey is complimented by the orange accents which makes it a visually nice looking gaming essential. I have not wanted to take off the headset and I have used it to listen to my music to. Listening to the music through the headset adds a whole new audio experience than my normal headphones as I can hear the instruments more clearly and the bass adds more depth.

“The sound quality is great and when used with the TV it is very clear. I love the fact that you can tune out the gameplay audio or the chat.” – Lee, 34 year old Call of Duty gamer.

It has surround sound which is great for fast paced gaming so you can find out where your enemies are shorting from even faster than normal. The enemies in Just Cause 3 end up surrounding you and firing from many different angles. The surround sound helps finding enemies quickly and taking them out.

The maximum volume that it goes up to is a lot higher than any other headset that I have tried which shows that it has a wide range of capabilities for most hearing needs. Being able to raise the volume really high also lets you listen to the explosions followed by the bridge cracking and the cement crumbling.

The ear cushion is quite thick to reduce outside noise when gaming and focusing on the sounds. At the same time it adds so much more comfort making the headset great for lengthy gaming sessions. You can barely even feel the head beam holster resting on your head which adds that additional comfortability.

To maximize the headset’s potential it is best to use it with the Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and PC. On all three of those platforms you get access to the audio and mic but if you wanted it just for audio you can also use it with XboxOne and PlayStation 4 and enjoy every beat.

“I love the design and the headset is very comfortable and light.” – Lee

The microphone is positioned nicely on the ear cup and it is bidirectional so you can adjust it into any direction that you want to. The microphone comes across clear and the person on the other end can understand every word that you are saying.

“I would highly recommend this headset to anyone. It is well worth the price.” – Lee

Overall the headset was a great gaming headset by the quality of the audio and the microphone alone. The headset was made for the last generation of consoles but the audio works with the new generation which makes it quite useful. The design of the headset is very sleek and stylish and everyone who I showed it to loved the look of it.