The jungle trees pass quickly as I dash to the enemy team. To my left I hear the jungle camp monsters arriving to the game and to my right the sound of The Revenants revolver firing. The game has started with a fast paced and aggressive style enemy team. My mouse slides round giving me amazing accuracy to finally face The Revenant.

The EasySMX G10 Gaming Mouse is great looking and very precise. It made my movements a lot quicker and with the option for sensitivity change you can go quite fast. I used the mouse while playing Paragon and it made me a better player than using my trackpad or controller.

The mouse is split into sections and between each section you can see the titanium body of the mouse and what is holding it together. You can adjust the palm plate so that it is more comfortable for your hand size. The buttons are quite sensitive but in a fight this can help than having a stiff button.

There are two colour options for the mouse you can choose white or black but with both you have the metal on the inside giving it a really nice overall look. On the palm plate there is a breathing light that shows different colours for the different speed settings. Red is the slowest colour then it goes to green then to blue then finally to white.

The cable on the white version is a white and grey braided cable which really compliments the overall look of the mouse and works well protecting the cables within.

The mouse is designed for Windows computers and laptops but you can use it on other systems like Mac. The only difference is using it on Windows than any other platform is the options available to you. You can change what the buttons do, what colours show and the speed setting.

The mouse has 9 programable buttons through a windows system but it still has 9 functioning buttons for other systems to assist in gaming. You can change the speed of the mouse up to 4000DPI (Dots Per Inch). EasySMX claim that it has a durable service life of 10,000,000 clicks. There are seven colour options to choose from with the breathing light.

The mechanical gaming mouse is one of the most precise and stunning gaming mice I have ever used. I love that you can see the titanium body below the white shell and the slowly pulsing light that emits from the palm plate. The sleek design and the performance combined make for a beautiful and useful gaming mouse for any gamer.