The cart rocks from side to side. I am surrounded by criminals and one of them talks to me. We get closer and closer to Helgen where they will execute me. As the axe is drawn the skies crack like a whip and then a dragon appears.

I played skyrim when testing the headset out and it made the game so much more immersive. The dialogue was very clear and the headset has a wide range volume so I could adjust it to my liking. The spells could be heard nicely and the sound effects were timed perfectly to increase my immersive play style for a single player game.

The headset comes in two colour options. You can get it in black or black and blue. Both versions have silver accents throughout that finish off the look nicely. All the switches on the headset can be found on the right speaker.

The buttons are a pairing/mute button alongise the on and off button. There is also a game mixer scroller and a chat mixer scroller. There is the charging port and to use the mic there is a port to connect to the controller. There is a detachable mic so that when you are not using the mic you can just take it off. I like this because some microphones can get in the way.

The speaker is covered by a hard plastic shell and a soft ear pad which looks really nice and the ear cushion is very comfortable especially for a long gaming session. There are also three small cushions on the headbar and they make it so that you can not even feel the headbar and it makes it seem lighter on your head.

The headset is compatible with the xbox360, XboxOne, PC, Mac, PS3, PS4 and TVs. It comes with an instruction manual showing you how to connect your headset to each of these devices.

The headset is very easy to set up and connect unlike some wireless headsets where you have to press multiple buttons at once. It takes around five hours to fully charge and can last for about six hours during use.

The speakers are 40mm in diameter and the range is 2.400Hz to 2.483GHz. There is a ten meter transmission distance so that you can still hear what your team mates are saying if you’re no longer than ten meters away.

I think that the headset is phenomenal and the sound quality far exceeded my expectations for the price. This cheaper alternative wireless headset can stand against some of the professional gaming headsets with its head held high. It would be a great option for new to professional gamers.

With it being able to connect to so many devices makes it a very useful headset for gamers who use multiple platforms and like ease of set up.