A lot of design and personality goes into making a third person shooter protagonist because they are who you see for pretty much all of the game. For the purposes of this list I have only chosen playable characters and only one from each franchise/ game.

7) Trevor Phillips (Grand Theft Auto V)

One of the three main characters in GTA V, Tevor Phillips, has made a huge name for himself with the fans of the series as one of the most erratic characters with his behavior. He is a really violent character who doesn’t need much aggravation to send him into a rage. Each of the three characters has a special ability and Trevor’s is obviously fighting related. He can deal extra damage and take less damage but also can perform a special melee attack.

6) Alan Wake (Alan Wake series)

With mystery and horror fueling Alan Wake’s journey it takes a lot for a character to outshine the events surrounding them but Alan Wake remains the centre piece for the franchise. He is brave, determined and often stubborn which all add to the main plot making Alan Wake a pivotal and strong character.

5) Nathan Drake (Uncharted series)

Nathan “Nate” Drake, portrayed by Nolan North, has appeared in 7 installments in the Uncharted franchise. He has cemented his place as the dry humored treasure hunter and thief badass protagonist of the Uncharted series with his loyalty to his friends and his dark past.

4) Tequila Yuen (Stranglehold)

Tequila Yuen first appeared on the big screen in Hard Boiled (1992). Fast forward fifteen years and Yuen becomes the protagonist of Stranglehold on a mission to save his daughter. He is usually seen as an anti hero due to him not showing much emotion other than anger and repeatedly ignoring authority.

3) Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause series)

Rico, or maybe the player, doesn’t take things too seriously. He plays around with the technology he is provided to work out strategic ways to take down the enemy. He is very charismatic and passionate especially in Just Cause 3 when he returns to his hometown.

2) Ivara (Warframe)

I could write a whole top ten list on the characters from Warframe but my number 1 would have to be Ivara. She has a wide range of abilities that can devastate enemies on the battle field and give allies a tactical advantage. She might not be the strongest character on the game but her stealth makes her a formidable opponent being able to go in and out of invisibility.

1) Cole Phelps (LA Noire)

The character with low morals are high presence is one that you love to hate. Phelps is an ex army officer who was honorably discharged after sustaining injuries but when he became a detective he was climbing the ranks very quickly. That was until his affair was made public and he was demoted. There was many temptations throughout the game one of them being pinning a murder on someone. All of these decisions and storylines made Phelps a very compelling and interesting character to play.