As Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly popular and hyped up due to it thrusting the player into the world from the point of view of the character where does this leave the future of third person shooters?

Third person shooters have become very popular especially with the titles available including, Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption and the Mass Effect Series. A lot of Third person shooters are open world as well which makes great use of the camera angle.

Third person shooters give the player a much wider view of the area around them so in combat they are really helpful but it also makes the games even harder as you’re always looking behind yourself to see what is lurking behind. This will make it very hard for VR to capture the feel of the game as it is designed more for first person views but this hasn’t stopped developers trying to make third person games.

One example of them trying to make a third person game into VR is Chronos by Gunfire Games, this is like Dark Souls with the battle style but the third person aspect is stationary at one point in an area allowing the player to look around the room.

This could be good for certain games but for a shooter game you need to be following the character and be able to look around to your target directly. However, it could give gamers a feel for how games used to be when the camera was stationary in a zone such as the older Resident Evil games.

A lot of gamers are speculating that third person views in VR will be great and some believe they will be bad games but as with any game it could go either way, we will just have to see when they get released.