One thing at the forefront of the PixelVu Gaming Glasses is the health of the gamers. The blue light that is emitted from modern electronic devices such as TVs, Computers and Smartphones is harmful to gamers. The more common health problems created by blue light are headaches, digital eyestrain and a stiff neck.

Jelle G, Owner of PixelVu, said: “One thing I noticed when I played video games was the tiring eyestrain and the decline of mental focus, clarity and energy. I started looking for the cause of my problems and it turned out it was the blue light. That is why I developed PixelVu. A pair of gaming glasses that blocks harmful blue light while still giving you the clarity that you need.”

The blue light affects people in different ways but gaming glasses are designed to reduce or even stop the effects all together. Jelle added: “By preventing blue light from reaching your retinas PixelVu reduces the melatonin production in your body. The powerful filtering effects of PixelVu gaming glasses will keep you energized during your gaming sessions.”

The glasses lenses have a yellow tinted but they are designed not to affect the vision of gaming. Jelle said: “The yellow tint doesn’t affect gameplay. The tint is manufactured to filter UV rays and blue light rays.” The glasses have a nice sleek design that finishes off their professional gamer look. Jelle added: “The frame of our PixelVu gaming glasses is made of synthetic materials and feels extremely lightweight.”

PixelVu will be released on Saturday 17th June 2017 but they are available for pre order with a 10% off using discount code ‘GET10’ at the checkout on Jelle said: “We try to bring gamers the most quality for the most affordable price. We find it absolutely crazy to spend $80.00 for a pair of gaming glasses.”