Laying bare the latest features, from ship sizes to brig banishment

As the end of the year sweeps in to carry us tantalisingly close to Sea of Thieves’ early 2018 release window, the rate of new features dropping into the game world is only increasing. Some are driven by design, others fuelled by community feedback, and players in the Technical Alpha sessions will be getting their hands on the latest batch very shortly (see below for details of how to get in on the action).

In this latest four-minute content update video, narrated by Rare’s own John McMurtrie of ‘apparently sounding like Simon Pegg in the E3 trailer’ fame, the spotlight falls on a brace of new features designed to bolster in-game interactions and help voyages on the Sea of Thieves run with silken smoothness. You’ll find details on non-verbal comms for the microphone-averse, a functional ship’s brig for crews saddled with unrepentant troublemakers, the option to scuttle your own craft when in dire straits, and the long-awaited small ship enabling escapades for solo or two-person crews.

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