Mounts and pets are being strengthened. The popular mobile MMOARPG Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings is debuting Mount Evolve system in the latest update on January 5th. Mighty mounts will surprise players with their whole new colors, visual effects and buffs. Also, a new gameplay Monster Range will bring about unprecedented fierce fighting experience.

New System Mount Evolve
All mounts will now have two new sets of costumes, and players need to evolve mounts to specific levels to activate new mount colors and effects. The first color can be unlocked when level 2+ mounts’ Evolve Level is upgraded to 15, and the second color will take effect immediately when level 4+ mounts’ Evolve level reaches 20.

Mount Evolve level could be upgraded by consuming Mystic Potions, which can be obtained in the Mount Shop. When Evolution reaches specific levels, the mount’s Advance Attributes will increase by a certain percentage. It gives players a new way to empower themselves and mighty mounts beyond all imagination are coming our way. The entrance of the Mount Evolve system could be found on the main interface.

New Gameplay Monster Range
A new casual gameplay brings unprecedented fierce fighting experience with pets. Iron Bands are required to enter the Monster Range, and the Monster Range Owner will gift you Tribal Hides. The higher the level of the range, the more Tribal Hides players will receive, which can be exchanged for rare items in the shop. Item quantities are limited and are refreshed daily.

In the Monster Range, players have to shoot nets to capture various creatures. There is a chance to obtain Pet Vouchers. The number of attempts is limited and will be reset daily. Any remaining Tribal Hides will be converted to Gold when the event ends.