Author: Adam White

Third Person Shooters Feature

As Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly popular and hyped up due to it thrusting the player into the world from the point of view of the character where does this leave the future of third person shooters? Third person shooters have become very popular especially with the titles available including, Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption and the Mass Effect Series. A lot of Third person shooters are open world as well which makes great use of the camera angle. Third person shooters give the player a much wider view of the area around them so in combat...

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Just Cause 3 Review 

Developer: Avalanche Studios Release Date: 1st December 2015 Platforms: XboxOne, PS4 & PC Developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Squire Enix, Just cause 3, has been given a fictional collection of islands called Medici which is a huge open world to explore in many different ways and adds elements of tactical fighting to the action adventure genre to give the player a extremely enjoyable game to play. Released five years after its prequel, Just Cause 2, the developers had a lot of time to look into what they could do with their game and how they could construct...

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Strategy RPG War of Crown Surpasses One Million Downloads in One Month

Strategy RPG War of Crown has been downloaded over one million times collectively on App Store and Google Play. Developed by ASONE GAMES and published by GAMEVIL, War of Crown has successfully resonated with mobile gamers globally since launching in April 2017. 80% of War of Crowndownloads were from users outside of the game’s home of origin (South Korea). War of Crown has managed to achieve this accomplishment because of its engaging strategic gameplay, modern visuals and addictive content including its live PvP feature. GAMEVIL and ASONE GAMES are steadily releasing content and are committed to providing an optimum user...

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